Bathtubs are the best place to keep your precious, precious water.

In the bathtub it’s a perfect way to refill your water tank and keep the water in the tank clean.

But in a traditional bathtub you have to pull the whole thing out of the tub to get your water.

A new technology called foldable tubs allows you to keep the tub completely in the tub, and then it’s ready to go.

The technology is called “waterfolding” and it has been invented by a company called Wayfair.

The company was founded by former Apple engineer Mike Williams, who previously worked at Apple and then at Google.

Wayfair claims that folding tubs will keep water from being contaminated with waterborne bacteria.

When you’re washing your clothes in the shower or when you’re in a shower, it’s very hard to wash the whole tub at once.

Foldable tub water filtration allows you get rid of the water, but you don’t have to wash it.

“A folding tub can be easily attached to your shower, tub or bathtub for extra safety and convenience,” Wayfair says on its website.

The tub can fold itself up to 4.5 inches (12 cm) long, and it can hold around 250 gallons (1,971 liters) of water.

It also features an integrated filter that filters out water that has been in the bath tub for less than a week.

WayFair claims the water folding system is water-efficient, which is a big deal when you consider that most water filtrations require the use of water filters, which can cost thousands of dollars and take up to a year to clean.

The folding tub’s technology has been around for a while.

In 2017, the company tested a folding tub on a man’s bathtub in the US.

The test was conducted at a lab in New York, where the company had a specially designed system with a watertight seal.

But it was too soon to tell whether the new folding tub was actually water-resistant.

In fact, it was only tested for about six weeks.

But the company says it is confident in its water-filtering technology.

“The technology is reliable and has proven to be water-repellent,” the company said in a statement.

Way Fair is promising a folding bathtub that will last for years and will also work in the event that you have a leaky toilet.

And the folding tub won’t even require a special pump to get rid, as it is already waterproof and can be installed without a pump.

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