A few months ago, my daughter’s older sister was having a bathtub filled with water.

When the bathtub was empty, she tried to push it into the ground with her hands, but the snake escaped.

“I didn’t want to try and catch it,” she told me.

So, she made her own bathtub snake, and she’s now using it in her home.

She said: “The snake is actually really nice.

It’s a lot smaller than the ones I have now.” 

A few months later, she was having another bathtub fill, and her daughter was able to pull it out with her feet.

“We tried to grab it and push it back in with our hands, and the snake just pushed it into a different spot,” she said.

“The whole time I was trying to keep it under the water, and then she had to push me off.”

She said she had never used a snake before, but after seeing pictures of snakes being used to keep animals out of people’s homes, she knew exactly what she was doing.

“This is the kind of snake that is a really good keeper,” she says. 

So how do you make your snake?

You start with the base, then the tail.

“You put the snake in a box and put a towel underneath it, so it can breathe,” she explained.

“Then you put a plastic sheet over it.

Then you put the plastic sheet under the snake and a cloth over it.”

Then, you put in a towel and a sponge and place the box under the box.

“Now, it has to stand up and it has got to sit up, but it doesn’t have to sit straight down,” she added.

Then, when it’s sitting, the bottom of the box has to be placed over the snake’s mouth, and a metal spoon is then placed over its head.

She says you can use the spoon to poke it in and out and then you can pull it away from the box and place it in a bowl.

You can then fill the snake with water, which she said can last for about an hour, depending on the temperature of the water.

“That’s the kind that we use, and it works really well,” she concludes.

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