Health insurance company Blue Cross plans to end its Obamacare health insurance expansion coverage in 36 states by year-end, and to end coverage in some states by 2020.

The move comes as the health care industry moves to expand the pool of insured people and cover more people.

Blue Cross plans on Friday to end some of its ACA expansion coverage for certain medical professionals.

The company said that it will end coverage for medical professionals in Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

It also will end plans for certain Medicaid and CHIP providers in Tennessee and New York.

Blue cross said it will continue coverage for health care workers in other states, and said that those plans will remain available through 2020.

The changes come after the Trump administration announced on Wednesday that it would stop covering the cost of Medicaid expansion coverage.

BlueCross plans to make some changes to its insurance coverage in the states where it plans to stop coverage.

It said that some plans will be removed from its plans, including plans that cover certain doctors, dentists and other health professionals.

It said that other plans may be modified to exclude certain health care professionals from coverage.

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