You’ve been there, you’ve done it.

You’ve put some money down to go to the spa, the bathtub or the bathroom sink and now it’s time to get it done.

And that’s where a center drain bath tub can come in handy.

A center drain tub is a piece of wood, metal or PVC that is used to drain water from a tub or sink.

It can also be used to dry your hair, clean up spilled food or clean up any spills from your washing machine.

A central drain tub can be used in any kitchen, but the most common uses are for a bath tub or a bath.

But what is a central drain?

It’s actually a metal or plastic tube with a central opening.

Inside the tub or drain, water is pushed through the central opening, while a drain pipe is cut out to allow water to drain out.

Here are some basic steps to refinishing a central-drain bathtub.

Step 1.

Make sure the center drain is flat and free of cracks and dings.

Make the center-drip center tube as flat as possible, so the water can drain easily and smoothly.

A circular saw or a circular saw-off can be helpful.

(Step 2) With a circular-saw or circular saw off, drill a hole in the center of the center tube and then bend the tube so the center is flush with the floor.

(If you’re using a circular or square saw, you’ll need to make some cuts in the sides of the tube and make the tube narrower.)

(Step 3) Next, drill and tap the holes in the tube to make sure the tube is flush.

You can also use a hammer to make the cuts, but you can also simply use a utility knife.

(You may also want to drill and drill a larger hole in your center tube first to make a larger cut.)

(This next photo shows the finished tube.)

(Photo: Tim W. Allen) (Step 4) Then, use a circular, saw-on, or circular-off to make several small holes and then fill the tube with water to the top of the holes, about 1/8 to 1/2 inch deep.

(To fill the tub with water, hold the center hose in one hand and a piece or two of paper towels in the other.)

(Note: This method will also work with a straight center drain pipe.)

(More on center drains: How to use them.)

(A close-up of the finished center drain tube.)

This will ensure the center pipe is flush and that the tub and drain are dry and free from any signs of corrosion or any dings or cracks.

(This photo shows a tub that has been polished to remove any signs that have been left behind by the center tubing.)

(You can also see the center hole on the right side.)

(The photo on the left shows the tub that is the most recently polished.)

To fill the center tub with clean water, fill it with hot water and wait until the water starts to boil.

You may need to pour the hot water through the center tunnel in a bucket or bucket of ice water to get the center water flowing.

(A similar process is done for a shower drain.)

Step 5.

Install a drain valve.

To install a drain, you will need to use a center-pipe-type outlet or a center pipe with a pipe that runs from the sink to the tub.

This type of outlet is called a central pipe.

A drain valve can be installed using a drill, a drill bit, a screwdriver or an angle grinder.

To drill a drain tube, cut a hole 1/4 inch in diameter in the middle of the drain tube.

(Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Note that you can use a drill or screwdriver to make this hole.)

Then, drill two holes into the center side of the hole you drilled earlier.

The hole should be at least 1/16 inch in width.

(The hole in this photo was drilled with a screw driver.)

(Video: DIY Drain Tube Repair Tutorial) (If your drain tube is not deep enough, use another piece of metal or pipe to drill a smaller hole.)

(To install the drain valve, first drill the two holes with a drill and then tap the center to make them flush.)

(Tip: If the center has any cracks, make some small cuts and make them smaller so that you don’t damage the tube.)

Then tap the smaller hole with a utility screwdriver until the center becomes flush with your sink.

The center tube should now be completely filled with water.

Step 6.

Fill the tub, drain, and shower.

(For the shower, you may need a shower cap or an outlet cap.

For more information, see the article “How to install a shower shower cap.”)

Next, carefully pour hot water over the center and drain tube and let the water sit in the

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