It’s been more than a decade since a single water heater was built in the United States.

But the real-life technology is in the works, with a $1.9 billion federal grant earmarked to build new water-faucet fixtures.

The water heater will be installed on public and private buildings, as well as in commercial facilities such as restaurants and apartments.

The $1 billion project, the largest water-treatment facility in the country, will be paid for through a federal water-efficiency grant that was first awarded to South Dakota in 2011.

That award was later extended to the entire country.

The new $1,000-per-tub technology will be a $500-per tub option.

A tub will cost $1 million, while a water heater and a faucette will cost another $500.

The water-efficient fixtures will be made by the manufacturer of the most popular water-temperature control devices.

It will include water heaters and fauceters.

They will have temperature sensors that measure water temperature.

These sensors can be set for different temperature ranges, such as -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and can also measure the flow of water through the water heater.

The federal government also will make a $50,000 grant for companies to provide water-heaters that can be turned on at a set time, with or without a user’s permission.

The Department of Energy is providing the water-cooling equipment through the Advanced Technology Development Agency.

The grant will be used to create new water heat-ers for commercial buildings.

The goal is to have the devices in the hands of the contractors by 2020.

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