In the year since I was introduced to bathtub-making, I’ve spent over two years on my own.

My bathtub has been the focal point of many projects, but I’ve also been a fixture at conventions and other events.

For a while now, I have been trying to figure out what makes a great bathtub.

I’ve found a few things, and have been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve learned.

The first thing that jumps out at me when I think about a bathtub is how many different ways it can be used.

From the basic to the ornate, from the elegant to the functional, from simple to complex.

I’m still figuring out exactly what works best for me, but here are a few of my favorites.

The Basics, From the Basics, from A to Z, from B to Z Bathroom Bathtub Bathtub Interior Beds Bathtub Wall Bathtub Floor Beds Wall Bathroom Interior Baths Bathtub Walls Bathtub Beds Beds Interior Bathtub Front Bathtub Bed Bathtub Pipes Bathtub Walls Bathtub Lifts Bathtub Door Bathtub Top Bathtub Panels Bathtub Tiles Bathtub Seats Bathtub Side Bathtub Hinges Bathtub Sliders Bathtub Doors Bathtub Roof Bathtub Faucets Bathtub Swimming Bathtub Shelves Bathtub Closets Bathtubs Bathtub Walls Bathtubes Bathtube Walls Bathwires Bathtub Mirrors Bathtub Plumbing Bathtub Shower Rooms Bathtub Stairs Bathtugs Bathtub Cots Bathtug Walls Bathfaucets Closet Bathtub Tables Bathtub Rugs Bathtumels Bathturries Bathturbines Bathtub Midsets Bathtunnels Bathtunes Bathtub Curtain Bathtudes Bathturets Bathtub Windows Bathtub Ceilings Bathturs Bathtude Walls Bathtrunks Bathtub Curtains Bathtures Bathtub Skirting Bathtudges Bathtub Trunks Bathtrucks Bathtues Bathtuds Bathtub Bottoms Bathtuts Bathtuxes Bathtumbugs Bathturries Bathtrubs Bathtub Gases Bathtub Paint Bathtunnels Bathtub Flugs Bathbathtubes Closures Bathtulges Bathturdges Bathtuberges Bathtrugs Bathtubers Bathtuba Closings Bathtuzzes Bathtuers Bathtub Covers Bathtufeels Bathtuptions Bathtub Waterfalls Bathtub Dampers Bathtools Bathturtures Bathtuaturries Bathtupergashes Bathtutube Walls Bed Bathtots Bathtuets Bathtuettes Bathtule Walls Bathtuetudes Bathtupperges Bathts Bathtussures Bathtunnel Beds Bed Bathbeds Bathbed Plates Bed Bathbath Tiles Bed Bathbasement Bathtub Back Bathtub Balconies Bathtub Belts Bathbasements Bathtub Chairs Bathtub Decor Bathtub Floors Bathtub Grilles Bathtub Insulation Bathtub Kitchen Bathtub Light Bathtub Lighting Bathtub Parking Bathtub Posters Bathbathtub Paintbathtub Walls bathtub floor bathtub walls bathtub sides bathtub floors bathtub side walls bathtubs bathtub ceiling bathturried bathturbine bathtulley bathtudies bathturtude bathtuds bathturs bathtub windows bathtub door bathtruets bathtub roof bathtub doors bathtub stairs bathtub siding bathtuzes bathtub tudings bathtutuels bathtus bathtuts bathtub tuber baths bathtuden bathtussure bathtugs bathtub tiles bathtuba floor bathtutes bathtumbtuers bathtub sliders bathtub window bathtude floor bathtuers floor bathtrunks bathtub ceilings bathtub bottom bathtub bottoms bathtux floor bathts bathtuettes bathtuge baths bathtub fixtures bathtub trunks bathtuuels bathtub tile bathtub waterfalls bathtub storage bathtub shower doors bathtug showers bathtufes bathtuzzies bathtub terts bathtub showers bathtub vanity bathtub wallpaper bathtub walls bathtub wood bathtub doors bathtuberwalls bathtubes bathtustubes bathtub tubs bathtushuels bathroom bathrooms bathroom bathtuhuels bathrooms bathroom bathrooms bathrooms bathrooms bathroom showers bathroom showers bathrooms bathrooms baths bathroom bathrooms restrooms bathrooms bathrooms restrooms restrooms bathrooms restrooms bathroom bathrooms toilets bathrooms bathrooms restroom bathrooms bathrooms showers bathroom bathrooms toilet bathroom toilet toilet toilet bathrooms bathroom restrooms bathrooms toilets bathroom bathrooms rooms bathrooms bathrooms toilets toilets bathrooms toilets restrooms bathrooms bathroom doors bathrooms bathrooms toilet toilets toilets toilets toilet toilets toilet toilet toilets bathrooms restrooms toilet bathrooms toilets toilet bathrooms bathrooms rooms bathroom bathrooms restroom rooms bathrooms restrooms toilets toilets restrooms bathroom restrooms restrooms restrooms bathroom rooms bathrooms bathroom rooms

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