4:40am: NSW Government announces Melbourne Airport arrival figures today and the number of arrivals at Melbourne Airport is up by more than 6,000.

The figures also show that the airport has had the most arrivals in the capital in the past week, with almost 10,000 arrivals.

It’s the latest indication that the capital is experiencing an extreme heat wave, with temperatures soaring to 40C on Saturday night.

The city also had more than 10,500 flights booked on Friday night.

It is forecast to get a little warmer by the weekend.

The airport also recorded a record number of people entering the airport yesterday, with 6,813 arrivals.

More than 4,500 people are in detention at the airport.

The arrival figures come as the number and quality of flights continues to be questioned.

Read more: New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says the Government will be reviewing the number, quality and safety of flights in the coming days.

She says the number is up because of the heat.

“We’ve seen a big spike in numbers of flights,” she said.

Aircraft and people in the CBD, Melbourne Airport, are also being screened at a new arrivals centre for the weekend to ensure they are not posing a health risk to the public.

There were more than 1,300 people checked on Friday and more than 3,000 were in detention on Saturday.

Berejikli said the Government was reviewing the numbers of arrivals on Saturday and that the Government would be reviewing their health and safety checks.

Inspectors are also checking luggage on Friday to make sure there are no food or drink containers or other items that could cause contamination.


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