A woman who bought a tub for her husband to bath himself has found it’s cheaper than it looked.

The New Zealand woman said she had bought the tub from the online retailer for $1,700 when she realised she could save a lot more if she bought one for herself.

The tub cost $2.5k and had a $20 price tag, so she thought it would be good to save money.

But when she started looking at how much she could buy it she realised it was cheaper than she thought.

The $20 tub has a size of 60cm, so it has a tub diameter of 60.5cm, and it comes with a water hose and hose clamps for extra storage.

The toilet is also made out of recycled materials, which the woman said meant it had a lifespan of 30 years.

“It’s a really nice piece of toilet paper,” she said.

“But it doesn’t really have much in the way of features, and I don’t think it really gets much use.”

The tub was installed in a spare room in her Auckland home.

“My husband likes it, I don’s because I like the idea of the bathroom as a family home,” she told News24.

“So I was able to get a tub, a shower and a bath and it was a great deal.”

I was really excited about it, and when I went to buy it, it was quite pricey.

“She had already had two baths in her home, and she said the first one was $1000.

She has since bought a second one for her family, and says she is going to have another one installed in the next couple of months.

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