Small bathtub or large tub?

That’s the question being asked in the United States as we celebrate the opening of the new Small Bathtub in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Small Bathroom opened last week to much fanfare, with an Instagram photo featuring a group of women in pink bathing suits bathing in a “small bathtub” of sorts.

But it was just the beginning.

The next day, a video of the women posing in the new facility went viral.

“I think this was a great move on the part of the company to have a public unveiling of the Small Bath, and the idea behind the new small bathroom is to make it accessible and accessible to women of all ages and races,” said Elizabeth Williams, who created the Instagram photo, along with several other women who also posed in the small bath.

“It’s really inspiring that people are having the confidence to do this and that’s something that we need more of.”

While many women will probably feel uncomfortable using a small bath, Williams said that’s not the point.

“I was talking to a group that are using this space and they were so excited,” she said.

“There’s something so empowering about a small space where you’re not alone and where people are sharing stories of what they are doing and sharing their stories of their experiences with the bathroom and their stories about how their body feels.”

The Small Bath is a collaboration between the city and the nonprofit Small Bath Coalition, which will host the public unveiling on March 15 at 6 p.m.

The Small Bath will feature a complimentary complimentary glass shower, free Wi-Fi, and a community garden in a reclaimed wood space.

The city also will be holding events and events across the city to celebrate the Small Tubes opening.

The SF Small Baths opening is just one of the many efforts the city is making to make its public spaces more welcoming and inclusive for people of color. 

A year ago, Mayor Ed Lee announced that the city would make San Francisco one of just three major cities in the country to require that all city employees have a gender-neutral bathroom. 

In addition, Lee signed a landmark Civil Rights Act in 2021, which mandated that all bathrooms be gender- neutral by 2025.

The law also established an anti-discrimination commission to help combat sexual harassment and assault in the city’s public spaces.

The city is also currently considering new policies to prevent hate crimes against LGBTQ people.

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