I have a few friends who live in a house with a giant, white, glass bathtub grab bar.

That’s not just a bathroom joke; it’s a literal description.

A bathtub grabbing bar is like a giant glass shower stall.

That means it can literally grab you in any direction.

You can literally throw yourself in the tub with it.

The water is so hot, you’re basically on fire.

You’re floating in the air.

The tub grabs you and sucks you up.

You don’t have to have a bathtub in your house to get sucked into a tub grabbing bar.

In fact, it’s really, really easy to get caught in a tub grab bar because the water is hotter than it needs to be.

This is the point where I’ve learned to say the phrase “this is the best bathtub I’ve ever been in” as often as possible.

In my experience, it works.

In all honesty, the only time I’ve had trouble getting caught in one of these tub grabbing bars is when I was very young and very skinny.

This isn’t an excuse to be lazy.

If you do have a bathroom full of tub grabbing arms, get used to being sucked in the bathtub.

If not, you should probably start somewhere else.

What about you?

Are you tempted to jump into a giant tub grabbing pool?

If so, what would you do if someone tried to grab you?

Let us know what you think.

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