BATHTUBS FOR SALE: A bathtub with a vertical view?

That’s what a Toronto-area woman is looking for after finding her home had become a virtual ghost town.

As she told CTV Toronto’s Marybeth Hirschfield on Thursday, she was hoping to sell her “horrific” experience in her bathroom after spending $4,000 on the “horrendous” bathtub, which features an old wooden bench.

The tub is described as being “horribly, terribly old.”

“We have no history of this type of thing,” the homeowner said.

“It’s absolutely terrible.

It’s disgusting.”

The owner has since been contacted by the CBC, but has yet to return our request for comment.

In a statement, Toronto Public Health said: “The City of Toronto is working with our pest management agency to identify the cause of the bathtub problem.

We are looking into the possibility of closing all public baths in Toronto.

The city has a zero-tolerance approach to mould and water quality, and we take this issue seriously.

The City of Scarborough is also working with its pest management officer and pest control officers to identify and remediate the issue.”

While it’s not unusual for residents to see mould in a tub, this tub has an old bench and other signs that suggest a different problem.

The bathtub is also “horrible,” said the owner.

“I’ve been going through it for a year and I’ve had to fix a bunch of it.

It is absolutely horrendous,” she said.

We have no background to this type the tub, she said of the mold.

“There’s no other way to put it, the chair is so small that you’re not even aware of it.”

Toronto’s housing code is pretty strict about mould and moisture levels, but it’s unclear how many people have had their homes filled with mould and other contaminants.

“They have no idea what they’re doing,” Hirschfeld said.

The homeowner is now considering selling the tub to help pay for a new home.

“We’ve already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, I’ve spent millions of dollars on this house,” she told Hirschfields.

“This is a terrible mistake.

This is disgusting.”

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