Plastic baths, also known as ‘dishes’, are an everyday feature in Ireland, where they are widely used to wash up and for recreational purposes.

A few years ago, they were also being used to create the ‘Irish bath’ and have since become popular in England, where ‘bathtubs’ are often seen in restaurants, hotels and pubs.

In England, a few years back, a BBC documentary aired about a woman in Manchester who had a plastic bathtub for about six years.

She had never heard of it before and the documentary brought up the idea that she might have an infection and needed to have a tub changed.

“It’s not just me, the ladies are going to be using these baths for the rest of their lives,” she said.

Now, more and more women are getting the idea about the beauty of using plastic in their own homes.

They’re also getting it from other women in their communities, with many of them coming to us because they’re just curious about it.

We do have a couple of new guidelines on the books on plastic that you might find helpful.

If you’re going to go to a plastic tub, make sure you know what it is, and make sure it’s a good tub, one that’s safe for you and for the environment.

A ‘health’ rule that’s been in place in England since 2010 means that it’s legal for anyone to use plastic in any public place, including on a public toilet.

This has led to some worrying news stories about plastic in bathtub water.

One of the more common concerns is that the water can be contaminated with bacteria, as well as chemicals and other substances.

The Environment Agency has issued guidelines on how to ensure the water in public toilets is clean and safe, which can be found here.

What to do if you find yourself in a plastic-filled bath?

The first thing to do is get out and clean up as quickly as possible.

It’s not unusual to find that water in your tub has been contaminated by other people’s bodies.

If this is the case, use soap and water.

If it’s not, it’s best to use bleach.

If you’re really worried about contamination, take a shower.

The best way to clean up is by using soap and rubbing alcohol on the water and then scrubbing it thoroughly.

If you have to go in for treatment, it is important to wash your hands well as you’re washing your own hands.

Don’t forget to wash the floor as well, as it can contain chemicals.

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