In India, people often use a standard bathtubs in a bid to conserve space, but this is not always the case.

To make a standard bathroom, one must know how to use a bath.

So far, the Indian government has only given guidelines on the minimum size and minimum length of standard bath tubs.

For example, the standard size of a standard tub is 30 inches, while in India a standard length of a bath is 8 inches.

The Indian bathtub standard, however, is much shorter than the USA standard of 32 inches and is often considered as “too short” for many households.

In fact, many Indian households use a tub that is only 30 inches long.

This is because the average length of the standard bath is around 28 inches.

This means a bath with a 30 inch tub, which is usually more expensive, may not be as affordable as one that is 32 inches long, especially if the standard tub length is larger than the bathtub’s capacity.

Here are some basic questions to help you understand the size and dimensions of your bathtub and what they mean for your home.

Can a tub be too short?

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