We’ve all been there, you go into the bathroom and you just can’t get enough soap, you want to clean it up, but you can’t do it the way you like.

Well, a new type of washing machine that can do just that is coming your way.

A brand new kind of machine will be available to use in the future, according to new research from the British consumer goods company, GWP.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Gwen Tait, head of brand and design at GWP, said the machine would offer “the ultimate luxury cleaning experience”.

It will be called a “bathtub washing machine”, she said.

It’s “designed to provide you with a clean, tidy bathroom, where you can wash your clothes, clothes, dishes, anything that you want and not worry about having a mess.”

She also said the new washing machine was intended for “home and office use, where cleaning is always more convenient than washing”.

The washing machine, called the “bath tub washing machine” or the “vacuum cleaner”, will feature an adjustable power source, which is able to move in and out of the water.

It will also have an “integrated heating and cooling system” that will help the machine cool the water and make the water “cool” to the touch.

It will also come with a range of wash cloths to use and wash, along with a wash bag, that can be “disposed of by the washing machine in a washing machine bag”.

The “bath bathtub washing” washing machine will have an air compressor to help keep the water temperature down, and will come with its own “water hose”.

It is being sold for £799 ($1,130) a unit, and a similar model for the washing machines, “bath wash” and “bath”, is priced at £1,699.

The machines are expected to be released in the coming weeks, with an official launch planned for next year.

“These machines will make cleaning easier and more convenient for the average householder, so they will be a welcome addition to any home and office environment,” Ms Tait said.

“These new products will also provide a more efficient and environmentally friendly washing solution for households, and are expected be a big hit with consumers.”

A GWP spokesperson said the company had been working with “industry experts, retailers and the wider consumer goods industry to develop a range and innovative products for the UK market”.

“This is the first of a number of innovative new products that we will be introducing in the years ahead, and we hope to be offering more in the months ahead,” the spokesperson added.

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