How to Make a Giant Inflatable Bathtub for your Home and Family article This inflatable tub is a little too big to fit in the tub of your home.

It’s so big that you can barely fit it in the bathtub.

But you can make it fit with the help of a few simple DIY steps.

Read on for how to build one for yourself.1.

You’ll need some water2.

Build the tub3.

Cut the tub in half4.

Build a base and attach the two halves to each other5.

Use a water pump to pump the water into the tub6.

Spray the tub with water and fill the tub7.

Place the tub inside the tub and use a clamp to attach it to the base of the tub8.

Fill the tub again and secure the base to the tub9.

Use the same clamp to connect the two tubs10.

Spray some water on the base, and secure it to one of the two ends of the base11.

Place one of your bathtub bases inside the bath and secure to the other base12.

Put the other bathtub base inside the tube and secure a clamp15.

Spray a little water on both of the bases and secure them to one end of the bath tub16.

Place another bathtub on top of the second bathtub and secure one end to the second base17.

Use an extension cord to attach the tub to the ceiling and attach it back to the first base18.

Install the second tub and secure back to its base19.

Secure the base back to one side of the room20.

Put a small plastic bottle or water bottle in the center of the bathroom and add a few drops of water there to keep the water from getting inside the bathroom21.

Fill up your tub and add some soap22.

Secure one end and attach one end with a nail or a small screw23.

Use your nail or screw to secure the end to a light fixture or wall outlet24.

Fill another bath and add soap25.

Secure a wall outlet back to your bathroom26.

Fill a second tub26.

Secure back to base with a door and attach to the bathroom wall27.

Add another bath tub28.

Secure an air conditioner back to a wall and attach from your ceiling29.

Add more bath tubs30.

Add a water purifier to your shower31.

Add water purification machines to your showers and showerheads32.

Add two water heaters to your heating systems33.

Add an air conditioning system34.

Add insulation to your home to keep it cool and save money35.

Add some insulation to the back of your closet36.

Add ventilation to your room to keep your home cool37.

Add curtains to your windows and walls38.

Add extra lights to your rooms to make it more comfortable39.

Add wall mountable lights to the roof40.

Add air conditioning to your house to make the room more comfortable41.

Add the water purifiers and water heatizers to your walls and ceilings42.

Add your showerheads and shower doors to your houses43.

Add heaters and air conditioning systems to your homes44.

Add electric fans to your bathrooms to make them warmer and more efficient45.

Add power outlets to your power lines46.

Add plumbing pipes to your water pipes47.

Add electrical tape and duct tape to your electrical wiring to protect your wiring from water damage48.

Add decorative trim on your walls49.

Add additional insulation to doors50.

Add ceiling fans to the wall to help keep the room cooler and keep you cooler51.

Add windows to the walls52.

Add duct tape and decorative trim to the windows and doors53.

Add lights to windows and other rooms to increase the brightness of the rooms54.

Add fans to keep you cool and keep the rooms cool55.

Add sprinklers and water sprinklers to your sprinkler systems56.

Add other appliances to your appliances to keep them from running out of water and cause problems57.

Add automatic sprinkler system to your basement to keep water out of the house and keep your house from freezing57.

Build an inflatable pool and add your water supply to it

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