As a young kid growing up in the suburbs, I always imagined a smallish basement hammocks as the place you’d hang out with your friends.

But when I was a teenager, I decided to try out a little DIY to make a small house in my garage.

The idea came to me after my mom, a single mom with two kids, needed a basement space for a new house, and it made me think about what it would look like if it was filled with other people.

I decided that the garage was the perfect place to test my idea.

I figured I could just add a few things to it, and then have people be able to come and play in it.

My basement is pretty small and the walls are just large enough to hide a tiny bedroom in.

The only other thing I added was a door that I could slide up on top of my garage door, so I could put my TV in there.

But my idea came together quickly and it was a lot of fun, so here’s how to install a small hammocker bathroom surround that looks exactly like a garage.

Here’s how you do it: Start by placing the walls up against the floor with a heavy-duty, 4-inch wood panel.

The floor will be pretty thick and the panels will have a nice smooth finish.

You’ll need to cut two 6-inch lengths of 2-inch plywood to fit the walls.

(Note: If you’re looking for a different way to mount a wall, I’ve included a video of the process.)

Lay one of the panels on top.

Next, fold the other panel to fit over the existing wall.

You want the panel to be parallel to the floor, but not overlapping.

Now place the two panels on the wall, making sure to overlap the existing panel, and secure them with a few staples.

This will give you a wall that can be hung from the ceiling.

Next up, add the floor.

Using a piece of 4-foot plywood, attach the existing door to the wall.

This panel should be slightly higher than the door, but you don’t want it to touch the existing floor.

Now add the wall to the existing hallway and attach the door to a stud above the existing doorway.

This can be tricky, so you’ll want to cut off the existing panels, then make a strip that goes from the stud to the other wall and then to the door.

(If you need help finding the right length of 2×4, check out my video tutorial.)

If you can, try to cut a strip on the other side of the existing gap between the two doors.

Then, attach a piece to the stud above and below the door and glue it in place.

Next install the second panel on top, which will be the floor below.

I cut a couple of 2X4 strips to make this panel.

Now, cut a piece in half, attach it to the top of the door panel and attach it with the other two strips to the panel on the left.

Finally, attach two strips in place on the right side of your existing door panel.

(You can find more information on how to attach panels to the bottom of the walls in my video.)

Make sure to attach the other strips to one another and secure it with a couple staples.

Finally attach the remaining panel to the first panel on your existing wall and glue the other panels to it.

I’m sure there are some more tricks you can do to get this look, but this is a simple way to create a minimal hammocking look.

You can also add more accessories to the bathroom surround, such as a closet, a TV stand, or a bed.

Once the house is complete, it’s time to attach a light fixture to the walls, and you can add a door.

The door will need to be about 2 feet tall, and should have the same width as the panels you added.

Here are the instructions for the door you’ll be installing: Cut a piece about 3 feet long.

Cut it to about the same size as the panel you added to the ceiling, then cut another piece about 2 inches longer.

This is the door frame, and the panel is attached to the frame.

Now attach the doors to the side walls using the two strips of plywood you cut out of the previous door panel that went over the door panels.

Cut two 3-foot lengths of 3-inch PVC pipe, then attach the two pipes to the sides of the panel.

Attach the panel with the 2 strips of PVC pipe to the two ends of the doors.

Attached the doors will hang from the roof, with the door at the top and the door on the bottom.

The ceiling is the final piece of equipment to install in your home.

The cabinets are the only thing that actually do any work in the room, so they’re in the bottom right corner of the picture.

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