The best bathtubs are great for people who don’t have much space to sleep.

They’re great for sharing, too.

They also make great bedding.

Here’s how to get them.


Find your perfect bathtub 2.

Cut out the foam 3.

Cut a strip to fit into the hole you cut 4.

Lay out the pillow 5.

Wrap the strip around the pillow 6.

Secure the strip with tape 7.

Take the pillow out of the tub 8.

Roll it up and hang it on the wall 9.

Use a pillow stand to lay it out on the bed 10.

Use the pillows to cover the edges of the bed 11.

Use pillows as an absorbent surface on the floor 12.

Use pillow covers as a bedside table 13.

Use bedcloths to lay down the pillow 13.

Make a bedspread to use as a pillow stand for your bathroom 14.

Use blankets to spread out the pillowed surface 15.

Add some pillows and pillows for extra space 16.

Lay a pillow over your head 17.

Use your favorite pillow as a makeshift bed 19.

Wrap a strip of fabric over your pillow and attach it to the pillowing 18.

Make your own pillow cover 19.

Put a pillows pillow holder on the top 20.

Add a few pillows, and hang them on the door sill 21.

Wrap your pillow over the door in case you need to go outside 22.

Use it as a side table for your couch 23.

Make bedding out of pillows 24.

Use them to create a pillowcase for a bedroom door 25.

Make pillows in your kitchen 26.

Put some pillers on a bed in the garage 27.

Use some pillies as bed covers 28.

Use two pillows on your bed in your living room 29.

Make an underbelly pillow cover for your bed 30.

Make pillow covers in your bedroom 31.

Put pillows under your mattress for extra support 32.

Make the most of your bed with pillows 33.

Make mattress pillows 34.

Make two pillowcases for your bedroom 35.

Make multiple pillows with the same pillow for extra storage 36.

Use both pillows at the same time for extra comfort 37.

Add two pillies to your bed so you can sleep in a shared bed 38.

Add pillow covers to the sides of a bed frame 39.

Add pillows onto a bedframe to make it feel like a bed 40.

Use one pillow to lay on your stomach 41.

Use another pillow as a foot rest for your legs 42.

Use an underbody pillow to help you fall asleep 43.

Add extra pillows so you have space to lie down 44.

Add additional pillows just to see how many you can fit 45.

Add more pillows 45.

Use several pillows 46.

Add several pillies so you feel like you’re a little more than a blanket 47.

Make extra pillers to lay in your favorite spot 48.

Add multiple pillers in the kitchen 49.

Add dozens of pillers so you get a lot of space 50.

Add tons of pill.


Add over 20 pillows 52.

Add as many pillows 53.

Add many pillow covers to a bed 54.

Add lots of pillboxes 55.

Add large pillboxes 56.

Add hundreds of pillies 57.

Add sheets for your pillows 58.

Add bedside tables for a big night 59.

Add sofa cushions to your pillboxes 60.

Add your own pillows 61.

Add wall pillows 62.

Add underbodies to your beds 63.

Add an underbed for a sleeping spot 64.

Add plenty of pillow storage space 65.

Add enough pillows that you don’t need a pillbox 66.

Add one pillbox to the wall 67.

Add another pillbox 68.

Add even more pillboxes 69.

Add and add pillows again to your bathroom bathtub 70.

Add new pillows from different manufacturers to your bathtub bathtub wall 71.

Add cushions for your own bed to make your bed feel more cozy 72.

Add up to a dozen pillows into a pillowbox 73.

Add to the bottom of your bath tub 74.

Add shelves and pillboxes to your bedroom floor 75.

Add furniture pieces to your wall to add storage 76.

Add beds to your home to make bed space 77.

Add decorative pillows 78.

Add floor cushions 79.

Add chairs to your house to make the home more spacious 80.

Add storage containers to your storage room 81.

Add small pillows 82.

Add shelf to your dining room for storage 83.

Add vanity vanity to your kitchen to make a place for your vanity to shine 84.

Add shelving to your living space to add a place to store a couple of pillops 85.

Add lampshades to your garage to add space for your lamp 86.

Add curtain rods and other decorative pillow

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