A bathtub is not your only source of water.

You may have to replace a drain that drains your bathtub.

And you’ll probably have to do some plumbing repairs.

That’s right, if you have a bath that’s not flush, the best place to find help is at a plumbing repair shop.

And it may take a few trips to get to the shop, so it can be a good idea to call ahead if you’re on vacation.

The easiest way to find a plumbing-repair shop that can help you is to call Engadgeet’s bathroom repair page.

It’s a searchable database that lists every plumbing repair in the country.

If you know of a plumbing shop that does plumbing work for free, the list is probably longer, but you’ll find a list of all the places to call for free plumbing repair services at Engadget.

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