Taft baths, which were invented in the late 1800s and were first sold in the early 1900s, are among the best-selling tubs in the world, and the Taft brand is synonymous with modern-day luxury.

They have become synonymous with a bathtub that is both spacious and comfortable.

Taft tubs, which are made of metal, have a tubular shape, with a central tub that opens to a wide, deep bathtub.

They can also be equipped with a showerhead, so a customer can sit in a shower and wash their hands and face in a tub.

The tubs are also known for their durability, and in the summer months they can be used as a makeshift bathtub for up to five people.

Tafts are made to last, and are designed to hold up to 12 people.

While some have been known to be leaky, the majority of tubs have a waterproof coating, meaning they can withstand salt water, sweat and mildew.

The Tafts also come with an adjustable height, which allows for different levels of comfort.

Taft bathtubs come in a variety of sizes, and each model has its own unique features and design.

Taft tub models come in the tub size range of 18″ (59cm) to 26″ (61cm) and are priced at between $8,800 and $15,800 (AU$26,400 and $42,000).

Tafts have been on the market since the early 2000s, but they started making a name for themselves in the 1970s, when the makers started making them in the US.

Since then, Taft has become the market leader, and their tubs continue to be a favorite among luxury buyers.

There are currently more than 3,000 Taft-branded tubs on the global market, and Taft is one of the biggest names in the industry.

“Taft is now the market leading brand in tubs with a market value of $11.4 billion (AU $18.6 billion), according to Tubbing News.”

Taft says in a statement.

Taffs, also known as the Tafts, are made by Luxury and have been in the market for years.

Luxury brands like Elkin and L’Oreal are known for making high-end tubs and luxury tubs.

In the US, Luxury is still the most popular brand, with more than 60,000 luxury tub models, and a market cap of $15.4bn (AU = $21.2 billion), and Tafts is one such model.

TaFasts have also made a splash with their own line of luxury tub-like products, and Luxury sells some Tafts to clients for up $6,000 (AU=£4,100).

The most popular Taft in the luxury market is the Luxo, which is made in Japan, with other brands including Elkin, Elkay and Elson.

The Luxo is a great bathtub and can be worn by as many as five people, and is available in a wide range of shapes.

Luxo is also a tub that has a wide opening, and it has a high-gloss finish.

One of the more interesting designs of Luxo tubs is the Sefta, which has a tub-shaped opening.

Another interesting design is the Taffa, made in France, which offers a large tub, with an open tub shape.

While many Luxo and TaFasts come with showerheads, most Taft and Luxo models also come in an optional showerhead.

Tafts are also equipped with an automatic water release valve, so they can release water without the need for a hose.

As Taft goes global, it has grown into a brand that is seen as being more than just a luxury tub, as well as being a brand for those who want to wear a luxury bathtub but are unable to afford the luxury of a luxury brand.

What is a Taft?

TaFT is a tub for up one person that is made of steel, and has a watertight seal that is water-tight.

It is available for a range of price points from $8.80 to $18,800, depending on the size of the tub.

How do Tafts fit in with modern living?

Tafts can be fitted into the living areas of many modern homes.

You can either have the TaFTs installed in a single room or you can build a living room out of the Tafters and use the tub to store clothes and other household items.

Some modern-looking houses can also incorporate the TaFast into their design.

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