If you’ve ever washed your hair in the shower, you may have heard the phrase “stand alone.”

Well, that’s about to change.

Bathtubs that only fit one person may soon be able to do the job without having to worry about clogging up your bathroom or shower.

A new generation of “bathtub gurus” is bringing their own bathtub cleaning products to market and promising they will make it as simple as possible for consumers to wash their hair at the sink.

While most people wash their heads and heads with a hand towel and a washcloth, they’re not the only ones who need to use a stand alone.

A recent report by the US Department of Health and Human Services showed that one in four Americans is washing their hair in a stand-alone tub or sink.

“The reality is that we don’t need to worry that we are clogging our bathroom with a bunch of things that we’re not really using,” said Julie Shackelford, a professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco.

Shackells team of researchers, which includes dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey J. Loeffler and medical experts at the American Academy of Dermatology, have developed a “bathtubs to go” line of products.

They’re designed to take a small amount of soap and water and clean your hair, scalp and hairline with a powerful cleanser.

“It’s really about washing hair in one step,” said Shackel, who has spent the past two years studying the health effects of shampoo, conditioners, and soaps.

Shampelers are now being sold in retail stores in more than a dozen states.

The company has received $4 million from the Food and Drug Administration to begin trials of its products.

The first product in the line, the Body Cleaner, will be available in the fall for about $60 a month.

The Body Cleaning Plus, which has a similar cleanser to Body Clean, is expected to be released in late fall.

“There’s a lot of different types of products out there, and I think this is a great way to do it all in one easy-to-use product,” Shackels said.

In addition to cleaning your hair by hand, Bathtubes also are designed to help your scalp glide smoothly when shampooing, while the Body Shampoo is designed to be a gentle cleanser that will help your hair feel soft and bouncy.

Bathtubs are designed with features like a removable lid and a tray so you can store a bath towel or other items, and they are designed for people with sensitive skin.

“They’re great for people who are sensitive to soap and want to wash hair more safely,” said Dr. Loh, who is not involved in the research.

“I think that people are really into this idea of being comfortable with a bathroom wash and getting it done in the bathtub.”

The technology is not yet fully perfected, but the researchers said the products are safe for use, and many people can get used to the idea of using one, Shackees said.

While a number of companies have tried to sell bathtubes in the past, Shakkel said there’s no reason to fear they won’t be a reality anytime soon.

“It’s not like they’re impossible, but it’s a bit of a pipe dream,” she said.

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