By Steve JonesRead moreRead moreI love to have my tubs cleaned.

They’re a great place to show off a collection of work and paint, and it’s a great reminder of where you started.

My husband loves to see me use them for decorating.

It’s something I don’t always do in his baths, but I’m always there to look after it, which is what it is.

The first time I used one, I didn’t want to put any more on it.

I felt a little silly.

It was such a good tub, and I thought, “I can’t take it off,” so I had to clean it and put it back on.

But I didn, and then I used it for a few years.

I still use it for decor, too.

I’ll do it for the next couple of years and maybe even sell it off, but it’s just so beautiful.

I used to go out and get a lot of the vintage bathtubs and just put them in.

I had a lot on my hands at that time, and some of my buddies used to have them.

I used to just take a bathtub and go through it.

When I went to my husband’s, I would go through a lot more.

I think I’ve had six or seven tubs over the years.

The ones I have now, I have used them for about a year or two, so I know they are pretty good.

I’ve also got a couple of old bathtub collections that I haven’t touched in years.

I bought a lot, so they’re still going strong.

I’ve also bought some new tubs.

I love those.

They really make a difference.

They just take it a lot easier to do and keep them clean.

I had a couple people come up to me one day when I was sitting in the bathtub.

They said, “You know, I got a bath tub on eBay.”

I was like, “That’s me!”

They were going to show me the tub, which was a great way to introduce themselves.

It really meant a lot to me to be able to show them a tub.

They were really impressed with it.

Now I have a few more, too, and they’re really going strong, too!

I think the most important thing is to always make sure your bathtub is the right size.

If you have one that’s too big or too small, you’re going to get water dripping down your legs.

The water is just going to seep down your body and you’re not going to be getting the full experience.

That’s what the bath is for.

The more you wash your tubs, the better they’ll be, too; the longer they last.

I use them in my kitchen, too—they’re very good for the kitchen sink.

It helps the water drain.

You’re washing your bath, you want to rinse your clothes, and you want that to stay clean.

You want to wash your clothes in the tub.

That way, you don’t have to wash the tub or the clothes in it, because the water is so hot.

You wash your dishes in the bathroom, too: you’re washing dishes, and there’s a lot less friction.

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