A new installation in New York City could have a very big impact on your bathtub.

The new installation, called Bathtub Splout, is currently under construction in Brooklyn.

The installation is called Bath Tub Splout because the water that is used to clean the tubs is diverted from the shower head to the shower spout, where it will then be recycled.

The project is funded by a local foundation, and is expected to be completed by 2021.

The Bathtub splout has two different functions.

The first is to remove water from the bathtub when the shower is in use.

When the shower has stopped, it will use a sponge to collect the water.

When it stops, the water will be diverted from your shower head and redirected to the Bath Tub.

The second function is to provide a temporary bathtub replacement, since it has no water pressure.

If your bathtubs pressure is lower than usual, you can simply tap into the bathtub spout to flush the water away from the tub.

The construction of the Bathtubs splout was funded by the New York Clean Energy Council.

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