After months of being ignored, a $15,000,000 watercolor of a man sitting on a marble bathtub with a bucket in his hand is finally going up on auction.

The painting, which was originally owned by Donald Trump, was first sold for $1.8 million at Christie’s in 2006.

However, that sale was only worth about $400,000 when Trump bought it in 2006, according to the Atlantic.

It’s a rare find for a watercolor, which is usually only seen in the world of Americana, a world that has historically seen watercolors being produced in an effort to preserve the country’s rugged, rough, and tumble history.

Trump had no idea that the marble bath tub painting was from the marble collection of a woman in Germany, who painted it during the Nazi era.

When the painting was purchased, it was the first time a painting from a foreign country was ever auctioned on the internet, and for a reason.

The sale is part of a wider auction at Christie, a major auction house that has become the go-to source for buying art. 

In 2018, Christie sold off a number of pieces, including a 16th century Spanish fresco of the Virgin Mary with the words “She has given birth” on her breast.

The art was purchased by a collector in Belgium.

The buyer, named in court papers as Marc Eriks, said that he and his wife would be moving to New York City to start a family, but he didn’t have enough money for the painting.

Instead, they used the painting as a source of money for renovations and renovations.

He told the court that he bought the painting from the marbles in Germany after a friend recommended it.

Marc Eriks told the judge that he wanted to keep the painting, but the court rejected his plea, according the Associated Press.

The auction was called off last week because the buyer couldn’t pay the $15 million.

Trump has made a habit of buying paintings from his private collection, usually when he’s in need of an extra $50,000 or $100,000 to pay for a big-ticket item.

He bought a gold-plated marble sculpture of Jesus Christ for $200 million in 2005, and he later purchased a portrait of President George W. Bush for $20 million.

In 2015, he bought a painting of a pig and an urn for $100 million, but those sales were halted after his father died.

He also has purchased other expensive works from his family and friends, including an 18th century portrait of Leonardo da Vinci for $50 million.

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