The New York Islander team is in desperate need of some fresh water.

They have used a new water system that uses concrete bathtub faucets to save money, but that has been a hit with some fans.

Some have complained about the smell, but most Islanders fans don’t mind the smell.

The Islanders have installed water fountains in their arenas and training rooms to save on the cost of installing new fountaining equipment.

But many Islanders fans are having none of it.

A new study found that about 1,000 fans in the Isles locker room have reported having a foul odor from the new water fauceterys.

The smell is so bad, some Islanders players say they’re not allowed to use their own faucettes.

But some Islanders fans have been calling for the team to install the new fauceters to save even more money.

The New York City Council has been discussing installing faucettas in the city’s sports venues, but there is a long way to go before the city can make its water systems operable.

The NHL is already moving forward with its new standard for water fattens, with the league and the New Jersey Devils having agreed to pay the city $5 million for installing new water filtration equipment in their locker rooms.

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