Why do people say “I’m sorry”?

Why do you think some people say they’re sorry?It’s hard to say why.Some people seem to have a good reason.They might be trying to say, “I love you.”Another person might say, I am sorry for being a jerk.Or they might just say, That’s what I want.But others say it because they want to be heard.They’re not going to say it […]

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You’ll pay more to bathtub bars on eBay than the average Australian’s monthly pay, says survey

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data shows that Australian consumers are paying more for a standard bathtub bar than most other Australians.The data shows the average monthly pay for a bathtub is $2.29 and for a 30 inch one is $3.60.A 30 inch bar on eBay is currently selling for $3,621, or $2,086 more than the monthly pay […]

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