We don’t know how many selfies are being taken in Australia’s bathtubs, but it appears to be pretty widespread.

The country has some of the highest rates of selfie-related death and injury in the world, with around 60% of people suffering some sort of facial or body injury from selfie-taking, according to a report from the Australian National University.

The problem has gotten so bad that a recent survey found that almost half of Australians would rather be at home with their loved ones than take a selfie in the bathtub.

It’s an issue that has prompted some governments to propose a law that would require anyone who takes a selfie or video in a public bathtub to wear a mask.

But the Australian Health Minister, Sussan Ley, said on Wednesday that the government was still “not convinced that masks will reduce the number of selfie deaths and injuries in bathtub selfies”.

“We are aware that this is a serious issue and we will be working with stakeholders in the community to make sure that they are aware of our position and the measures that we will take to address this,” she told the ABC.

“The Government has made it clear that we need to make the most of this opportunity that we have in the Bathtub selfie industry.”

It is unclear whether the new law will apply to all bathtubes, but some people are already taking advantage of the new policy.

A few of the bathtubb selfies taken at Bathurst Beach in Melbourne in 2016.

One person in Victoria said that he had taken more than 200 selfies in the past week.

Males who have taken bathturbos at least once are more likely to be killed by their partner or by their friends, he said.

This is a problem that has been recognised in the US, where an increased number of bathtuber selfies have led to increased rates of violent crimes, according the Guardian.

In March, the US House of Representatives passed a bill requiring people to wear face masks to take bathtub selfies, which was vetoed by President Donald Trump.

Australia is also facing a selfie crisis, with a survey last month showing that over half of Australian bathtoters have not taken a bath in a year, and the country is the second most-photographed nation on earth.

At least one Australian bathtub is already filled with water.

On Tuesday, a man in Queensland said he had been at a Bathurst beach for two hours when he was approached by a man wearing a mask who asked him to take a photo.

After he refused, the man tried to grab his phone, but he grabbed his mask instead, the Courier Mail reported.

Queensland’s Bathurst water washes down with the sea.

Another Queensland man told ABC Radio Brisbane he was “scared” after a friend took a bathtub photo of him and was told to wear his mask.

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