The NHL is working on a new way to make fans feel more at home in the seats in the building.

The league is now using water to help the seats feel more like a place to unwind.

It’s called the Bathtub Gin Nye and it looks like a bathtub but with a water fountain that’s connected to a water pump that pulls water from a pipe into the tub.

The goal is to make the tub feel like a spa, not just a shower.

But the idea isn’t new.

A few years ago, the NHL experimented with water for a bath and shower in a different building.

That experience wasn’t so successful.

The NHL is testing it now with a new rink that will open in 2017.

There are no details yet on the specifics of the new design, but the league is planning on having the tubs installed in a number of places.

The Bathtub will be a “first of its kind” in the NHL, according to league president Brendan Shanahan.

He said the NHL is “looking at the potential” for a different experience with water in the water fountain.

The idea is to add some warmth to the seats and the idea of having a “natural place to soak up the water, like in the shower, the bathtub, and the bath tub,” Shanahan said.

This will be the first time the NHL has installed a water-based shower in the new building.

It’s also the first of its type in the league’s history.

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