The Drakes were so committed to their brand that when the group’s fourth album, The Great Escape, came out in 2014, they took the stage in a bathtub.

“We were so proud to be in a tub with the Drakes and that was our moment to be a part of this record,” lead singer and guitarist Adam Levine said.

“That was one of the moments that we couldn’t have gotten to with the band otherwise.

The great thing about that bathtub scene was that we got to be part of it.

And we were in it for the long haul.”

For the final minutes of the show, the band members posed in front of a bathhouse mirror in front, one arm in a sling and the other wrapped around a large tub.

While some of the Draks fans were left in shock and awe, the group members didn’t seem to mind.

“This was a real time for us to be able to step back and let the world see us and the greatness that we were able to achieve,” Levine said during the show.

“It’s not only about what we did but the kind of music we were doing.

And the idea of that was awesome to have.” “

To step back into a bath tub, that was really, really cool.

And the idea of that was awesome to have.”

The Bathtub Nude Scene The Bathtubs scene took place during The Great Escapes debut tour.

In this scene, the Drake brothers are seen holding up their own bathtub in the center of a room full of naked girls.

While many fans assumed that they were going to have a bath in a private room, the reality was more intimate.

“You’re not going to see any girls on the stage or in the audience,” said Levine.

“So that’s what we really wanted to do, to really get in the middle of it, to have the girls come in and be naked and the boys have a private spot.”

The girls on stage are not in the bathing suit.

Instead, they’re sitting in the nude.

They’re shown in front or behind each other.

The boys have their own private spot.

This scene was filmed by an unknown photographer.

The scenes included a naked girl in a towel, a naked boy holding a bottle of water, and a naked woman on the floor.

This was filmed before the girls in the bathtub were taken off stage.

The naked woman is shown with a mirror and an arm around her.

The scene took about six hours to film, and the final edit was done in the studio.

The Bathrooms Nude Scenes When the bath scenes finally came out, many fans were taken aback.

The Draks’ music videos for The Great Voyages debuted in February 2016 and were followed by a new trailer for The Draves Bathtub, which debuted on July 2, 2017.

The trailer was directed by Adam Levine, and included many nude scenes with the ladies.

“They are not really sexy but it’s something that I can relate to,” Levine told MTV News.

“I love to see naked people.”

He added that he felt that the scenes were more revealing than his earlier videos.

“If I have a big tub, I want to be exposed and I want people to see me and know that I’m naked,” he said.

In addition to the bathroom scenes, Levine said that he was also surprised by the response from fans when he made his first public appearance at the Drakys’ show in 2015.

“The reaction was so overwhelming and amazing that I didn’t even know what to expect,” he told MTV.

“Everyone was so excited that they knew who I was, but that was a little too soon.

I had to get over it.”

The bathtub scenes were part of the second half of the band’s 2016 tour, and Levine was featured in a new promotional video for the album.

The full Bathtub scene will be featured on the band and their upcoming new album.

“What we did in this Bathtub was just incredible, and we did it in front.

The girls in this bath are all beautiful.

We just put all our effort into it,” Levine added.

“But I think people will like it, because it’s a little bit of a mystery to people.”

While some fans have expressed interest in seeing the Bathtub scenes, others have taken issue with the nudity.

“There’s a part in the video that is really gross, and it’s really gross.

That’s something we are not comfortable with,” Levine admitted.

“All of that is our brand.

That was our brand from the beginning, and that’s how we started out.

I’m not really into it, but it would be awesome to see it.”

He also acknowledged that nudity is not part of his brand.

“As far as nudity, I’m a fan of all types of stuff.

I don’t really have a problem with nudity. I

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