You’ve probably seen the ad on Lowes tubs: “Get a free Lowes® Bathtub Filter and put your new sink in style with our Lowes bathtub filter.”

The message is simple: buy one, and the filter is free.

But what exactly is a Lowers Bathtub filter?

It’s a filter that reduces the amount of water in your bathtub drain.

Lowes says the filter will do a good job of removing all the water from your sink, so you won’t need to refill it with more water.

Lowers offers the filter in the same range of colors as the Lowes product line.

And it includes a shower curtain filter for extra privacy.

What you need a bathtub and filter?

A low-profile bathtub.

The Lowes filter is designed to be in your sink so it’s easy to use, and it has a shower-protection feature.

If you use the shower curtain filtration feature, the filter does not remove water from the curtain.

If the filter doesn’t work, you can try to replace it.

You should have a filter to begin with, but you can also buy one to replace your regular sink drain filter.

To use the filter, remove the bottom of the bathtub to the side, and gently lift the filter out.

Fill a bucket with water and fill the bucket with the filtered water.

Place the filter on the water line in the tub, and turn the water off.

The water will run from the filter to the drain, so it should run clear and clear.

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