Fox Sports has confirmed that a new addition to the Fox Soccer app will fit into the existing bathtub standard size of 2 feet, but you may need to buy a separate one to take advantage of the new feature.

The new feature, which is set to be launched at the end of the month, will allow players to select the size of their bathtub from the main menu.

For instance, players who use the Fox Sports app will be able to select a bath tub with a 2 foot bathtub.

The player will then have the option to customize their bath to fit the bathtub and other features.

While the feature is technically only for soccer players, the FoxSports app is expected to support other sports and entertainment options.

A similar feature was also introduced in iOS 11.4 that allows users to select an additional size from the bottom of the bath, making it possible for players to use larger bathtubs for other activities, such as cooking.

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