When I was young, I was obsessed with bathtubs. Now I’m older, I love them, says my friend

The first time I tried the tub at my local pool was in my early 20s.At the time, the bathtub was a novelty item for kids in a bathtub-filled school, and it was a luxury item for adults.Now, I am an adult, and I enjoy bathtub life more than I ever did.So, it was time to give the tub a […]

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How Donald Trump got a $150,000 bathtub from the Marble Bathtub Painting Collection

After months of being ignored, a $15,000,000 watercolor of a man sitting on a marble bathtub with a bucket in his hand is finally going up on auction.The painting, which was originally owned by Donald Trump, was first sold for $1.8 million at Christie’s in 2006.However, that sale was only worth about $400,000 when Trump bought it in 2006, according […]

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Which NFL players use the most grab bars?

More than a million NFL players are now equipped with grab bars and they’re getting a lot more fashionable, too.The latest trend is the folding bathtub grab bar, which allows players to use their legs to fold their bathtubes for a quick grab.Players can also use the grab bar to grab their towel to the sink.According to the NFL Players […]

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