How to remove bathtub drain plugs from bathtubs

A bathtub surround option can be a lifesaver for people with a deep water pipe.But the most commonly used option is to install a drain plug that fits inside the tub and can be removed from the bathtub wall.If you do have a deep pipe, you can try a bathtub floor.This can also help to prevent tubs from draining from […]

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Vintage bathtub drains plug replaced with Rose Quartz

A source of modern comfort, the Rose Quartz bathtub plug, was discontinued as a part of the Vintage bathtubes series.Instead, this tub is available as a replacement in the Rose quartz series.The bathtub is rated for 10 gallons, making it a great choice for those who enjoy smaller waterfalls.The Rose Quartz plugs are available in a wide range of colors.Rose […]

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