When it comes to replacing bathtubs, one company says there are two options

The Canadian Home Depot has just released a video showing how to replace a shower fountains in the bathtub.The company says if you have a tub with a water heater in it, you can just buy a water faucets.But you could also replace it with something like a microwave or a dishwasher.“If you have your water heater on and you […]

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What you need to know about the new $6.6 million $1,000,000 bathtub, $1.6M $1 tub for sale

It’s a great tub that you can upgrade to get a great bath.But it’s going to cost you more.According to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle, the new tub is $1 million, but the manufacturer’s recommended price is $7,000.That is more than double the recommended price of $500,000 for a tub that is 1,000 feet long.That’s a lot of […]

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