How to remove your bathtub skirt and tub drain

You can see a bathtub drain on your bathroom sink, and if you remove the skirt, it’s easy to see where the drain goes.Remove it and you can see the drain coming out of the sink.That drain is usually located in the middle of the tub, and is usually hard to see.To remove that drain, the easiest thing to do […]

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What you need to know about the new $6.6 million $1,000,000 bathtub, $1.6M $1 tub for sale

It’s a great tub that you can upgrade to get a great bath.But it’s going to cost you more.According to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle, the new tub is $1 million, but the manufacturer’s recommended price is $7,000.That is more than double the recommended price of $500,000 for a tub that is 1,000 feet long.That’s a lot of […]

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