How the New York Islanders are taking advantage of a historic drought

The New York Islander team is in desperate need of some fresh water.They have used a new water system that uses concrete bathtub faucets to save money, but that has been a hit with some fans.Some have complained about the smell, but most Islanders fans don’t mind the smell.The Islanders have installed water fountains in their arenas and training rooms […]

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Which bathtub can I use?

Water storage in the tub is not just about keeping the water clean, it’s also about keeping it safe.It’s the safety of the water, not the water itself, that’s paramount, says Bathtub Safety and Security expert John Frew.“You have to make sure it’s safe,” he says.“And that’s where the safety issues start.”We are now in the era of super-safe bathtubs.And […]

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