How to fix a busted bathtub in under 5 minutes

You may have noticed something odd about the water in your bathtub.Maybe you’ve just bought a new tub, or maybe you’re just having a bath for the first time.But if you’re wondering why you’re seeing that water, there’s a few things you should know.First, if you break the water, it won’t come back and you’ll need to replace it.That means […]

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All-Time Most-Watched Football Games, Including Super Bowls

The list of all-time most-watched NFL games is nearly endless.However, the list of most-viewed games is not all that different.This past Sunday, Super Bowl 50 was the most-streamed game in NFL history with 3.6 billion viewers.However it was not the only game that garnered the most viewers.Last year, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs were the most watched […]

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