How ‘bikini culture’ has changed from bikini to ‘boob tube’

The trend is growing in popularity as more people opt to take on a more risqué look.Bikini-clad women, who often dress in swimsuits and swim trunks to go topless in public, have been known to flaunt their wares on social media. They are also increasingly popular with the younger generations, who see them as a way to relax and get away […]

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How to fold a tub of water into its own tub

Bathtubs are the best place to keep your precious, precious water.In the bathtub it’s a perfect way to refill your water tank and keep the water in the tank clean.But in a traditional bathtub you have to pull the whole thing out of the tub to get your water.A new technology called foldable tubs allows you to keep the tub […]

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