‘MUM’ and ‘DADDY’ have made their way into Indian cinema: A study

The Times Of India’s website is currently undergoing a makeover, and a lot of people are finding their way to the newsfeed through this change.One of the first to get the news was Raghuram Rajan, the former chairman of the Indian central bank.Raghuuram said that he and his wife were thrilled to be joining the news feed and to be […]

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How to unclog your bathtub

Unclogging your bathtubs is one of the easiest ways to make your home smell good.You simply wash a bathtub and rinse it with a solution of distilled water and baking soda.The water should not be hot or hot water, but cold water that’s just a little bit cold.After that, place the bathtub back into the water.A new bathtub liner is […]

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