Which brand of bathtub safety bar will you buy?

If you’ve ever wanted to see what a showerhead looks like inside a bathtub door, you’re in luck.Now you can!According to the manufacturer, Alcon, they have a new product for your bathroom: a frameless showerhead, which is essentially a tub safety bar.In fact, it can even double as a shower curtain, or as a bathrobe.The showerhead has a built-in LED […]

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American Standard Bathtub Glaze: Jetted Bathtub

American Standard is proud to offer the Jetted bathtubes available in the American Standard range.These premium bathtub glazes are formulated with superior quality and performance for enhanced comfort and durability.These bathtub shampoos are available in a variety of glazes and finishes including Jetted, American Standard, American Ultra, Jetted Premium, and Jetted Deluxe.American Standard bathtuba accessories are also available with a […]

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