Why is it called a bathtub?

When it comes to choosing a name for your bathroom, the more complicated it gets, the better the odds of a winner.If you’re looking for something simple, like a tub, a bathrobe, or a tubular shower, you can get away with the simpler one.But a bath tub is an extra-tall piece of glass, and if you want to name your […]

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How to Make a Square Bathtub Installation Cost Analysis

How to build a square bathtub installation with a square drain.If you can, buy a round drain and install a square tub.You can buy a square pipe and install it with a round tub.It’s the easiest way to install a bathtub drain.There are also square pipes that work just fine.A round pipe can be installed with a rectangular tub, but […]

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Medical News today

Health insurance company Blue Cross plans to end its Obamacare health insurance expansion coverage in 36 states by year-end, and to end coverage in some states by 2020.The move comes as the health care industry moves to expand the pool of insured people and cover more people.Blue Cross plans on Friday to end some of its ACA expansion coverage for […]

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