Why do people say “I’m sorry”?

Why do you think some people say they’re sorry?It’s hard to say why.Some people seem to have a good reason.They might be trying to say, “I love you.”Another person might say, I am sorry for being a jerk.Or they might just say, That’s what I want.But others say it because they want to be heard.They’re not going to say it […]

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4 new products coming to the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XS review

The iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and more are here.Apple announced its new flagship iPhones on September 4, and we’re finally ready to get started with the XS and XsMax in the iPhone lineup.The new phones are available in three colors: rose gold, silver, and black.While the Xs and Xx are still available in the US and UK, the Xf is […]

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